Studio PHH
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Powder Mountain House



Type            Residential

Location     Eden, Utah

Status          Competition Finalist 2015

Scale            2000 SF

Team            Studio PHH Architecture

As a proposal for a competition, this small house was designed to provide spaces to reflect, meditate and create.  

There are two private spaces, positioned on either end of the house which are sanctuaries for the active mind.  These serve as a bedroom to rest and a studio to create, each providing a single framed view of the mountains. Book-ended by these two frames, the public space becomes the connective tissue bridging across the site. Through the simple act of raising one of the frames, the public space spills out from underneath and into its surroundings, revealing a very different relationship with the landscape.

From uphill, the house almost disappears; the mass embeds itself into the landscape and the rising planted roof mirrors the mountain peaks on the horizon.  The only visible structure is the concrete walls which reflect the color of the soil and feel as though they have always been a part of the landscape.

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