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La Reference School



Type          Education

Location     Ganthier, Haiti

Status        Construction - Phase 1 - Completed September 2018

Scale          2,000 sq. meters

Team          Studio PHH Architecture

         Structural: Eckersley O'Callaghan

By considering and unifying the site planning, architecture, landscape and phasing of the project, Studio PHH was able to leverage the entirety of the site while producing a cohesive proposal based on local building materials and construction techniques.

"The courtyard", surrounded equally by the existing trees as with the floating corrugated metal roof of the school, produces a continuous ring which circumscribes the outdoor central space simultaneously providing privacy and safety for the students.

Working hand in hand with the non-profit organization Konekte, this pre-K through 12 school provides opportunities for hundreds of children to receive an education which is their only chance of ensuring their future.  This phased project provides opportunities for a newly founded school near Port-Au-Prince to become, as their name indicates, a reference for other schools to aspire to.

Nadia Todres-0357 - edited - smaller.jpg
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