Studio PHH
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Higher Ground Produce



Type          Hydroponic Farm

Location   Las Vegas, Nevada

Status         Construction

Scale           Production & Packaging Plant - 11, 150 SF

                    Greenhouse - 74, 500 SF

Team          Studio PHH Architecture

                    Structural and permitting: Engel & Company

                    Greenhouse Consultants: Teshuva Agricultural Projects Ltd.

Studio PHH has helped provide support for Higher Ground Produce from the early start-up phase in 2015, all the way into construction of their state of the art facility.  Initially hired as a consultant for marketing materials, the work we provide has flexibly evolved into architectural consulting and construction document drawings and now continues into construction.   

We are excited to be a continuous supporter and a core part of the team that helps to bring to life this sustainable, hydroponic farm which will yield 1.5 million pounds of premium quality leafy greens to Las Vegas' restaurant business.  

160507_Farm - Elevation - Inside Wall.jpg
160507_Farm - outdoor profile.jpg
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