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Furniture Follies




Material             Mahogany

Finish                 Tung Oil

Dimensions       H 18"  W 42"  D 42"


In this coffee table, the supporting structural base is an extrusion of the canyon that divides the top plane.  This creates a bond between the surface and the supporting element and challenges the accepted disjuncture between the horizontal surface and the vertical legs of a traditional table.  Here, Extruded Canyon strikes a careful balance between aesthetic and functional requirements giving it a unified and distinctive identity.


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Material             Laminated Hardwood

Finish                 Tung Oil

Dimensions       H 42"  L 36"  W 12"


Inspired by the roots of grape vines, the carved organic shapes contrast the negative circular space. Allocation of storage space for wine bottles and glasses happens in the interior while the top is used as a serving surface.

Each wine rack is hand-made, carefully carved and crafted into a piece of functional art.  The qualities that make every piece unique is multi-faceted, occurring first in the design phase through a thoughtful, customized collaboration with the client and second during the production phase through intentional artistic liberties and natural variations from the hand-fabrication process. 




Material             Red Oak

Finish                 Varnish

Dimensions       H 38"  Dia 24"

                           Glass Dia   36"


Made two pieces of solid red oak.  As though eroded by water over time, the free-flowing, diagonal slash imparts motion in the piece; this simple dynamic move exposes the wood grain in an unexpected way that contrasts the rigid geometry of the cylinder.  The twisting negative space counters and resonates with the spiral staircase of the entryway for which it was designed.




Material             Laminated Hardwood

Finish                 Tung Oil

Dimensions       H 42"  L 36"  W 12"


Like a tree growing around an obstruction, the relationship of the stored bottles and the rack designed to store them becomes entangled.  The bottles and the knotted wood benefit from the adjacency; the negative space, an object in itself, becomes the most functional element derived directly from the items it is meant to hold.




Material             African Mahogany

Finish                 Varnish

Dimensions       H 18"  Dia 18"


Modeled with melted wax, this eighteen inch butcher block end table is captured in a fluid state.  The circular tabletop remains unscathed while its underside melts; three drops reach the floor to give it balance.