Studio PHH
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Type Kiosk

Location Socrates Sculpture Park

Status Competition

Scale 64 SF

Team Studio PHH Architecture

Sound: One Thousand Birds

Structural: KSI Engineers


This kiosk, located at the entrance of the park will be in active use only a fraction of it’s lifetime, therefore the priority falls on it’s static function - that of announcing Socrates Sculpture Park through it’s clearly sculptural approach. Much as Socrates Sculpture Park, the object reveals itself to be more than it appears; eccentric, interactive and playful, drawing people in to explore.

Our proposal challenges its own nature: what appears to be simple and heavy is layered and lightweight, what appears to be static and silent is versatile and responsive and what appears to be a whimsical folly is a highly functional kiosk.

Made out of standard wood frame construction, the exterior cladding is finished with a particle-thin layer of copper which naturally patinas making the sculpture appear metallic. The thin veneer is complimented by an acoustic installation; metal knockers are connected to transducers which vibrate the structure and produce six different metallic sounds based on the size of the “drum” to which they are connected.

This visual and acoustic camouflage provides a playful critique of the use of veneers & cladding rampantly used in architecture today.

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